Privacy Policy

The information and data collected by ParinayJodi from its users is not shared, sold, or loaned to any third party (individual or organisation). The only information you share is the one you wish to post publicly for the express purpose of seeking a match and furthering the matrimonial process. We guarantee utmost safety and confidentiality of your private data.

Information required by SM
The information that ParinayJodi requires we gather from members and visitors who apply for the various services our site offers includes, but may not be limited to,

Email address
User-specified password
First and last name
Mailing/billing address
Telephone number
Credit card details
Details about the prospective groom/bride whom you wish to seek

How ParinayJodi uses the information collected from its users

The information or data that is collected by ParinayJodi is largely used to fulfill your matrimonial search requirements. The greater the information we have, the better customized your search results towards finding your perfect partner!

Cookies: ParinayJodi uses "Cookies" to keep track of information pertaining to visitor browsing activities. It is always convenient to let your browser save cookies for an enhanced and customized user experience. There are many advantages of cookies.

To identify repeat users/visitors.
Customized delivery that enhances user experiences.
Remembering your and email and password choices will help you save time by not retying information again.
Disabling or deleting the cookies from the cookie feature in your browser will prevent the information from being collected.
Please note that cookies are used only to collect and recollect information sent from and to your computer from ParinayJodi.

Information Disclosure can only be done in the event of the following cases:

Interested Profile Candidates Details of your personal profile will be divulged to matches you are interested in pursuing a matrimonial alliance with. Elements of your matrimonial profile such as profile picture, or to use the popular term - “DP”, age, religion, social background, education, work/occupation or employment details etc.

Legal Scenario Personal details about a user will be revealed if the user is found breaking the law. If the law of India requires us to submit relevant information about a user, we will not hesitate to comply with an investigation as well as the law and order regulations of the court. This will be done to protect the rights and privileges of to continue working as a leading online matrimonial service provider.

Search Engine Optimization: Some parts of your profile may be available online via search engine crawlers, however, none of the confidential information will be accessed by it.

Authorized Personnel Only At ParinayJodi we practice strict security measures to handle sensitive and personal information of our users. The data is kept completely confidential, and can be accessed by the authorized personnel only on a need to know basis for the express goal of completing a relevant task. All the representatives handling information under ParinayJodi are contractually bound to keep sensitive and private information confidential. Also, servers used for credit card transactions are kept completely secure utilizing the latest technology.


Free Visitor Browsing
Visitors browsing our website are free to do so. There are absolutely no charges levied against browsing the website, its features, or doing a quick search for hunting appropriate matrimonial profiles. All visitors are given the free pass to navigate the site without logging in and storing personal information.

Membership Payment
You can sign up and create an ParinayJodi matrimonial profile for free. However, your membership upon due acceptance of the Profile/Payment by ParinayJodi. Membership and rights of admission is reserved solely for:

Indian citizens
Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) or persons of Indian descent/heritage
Non Resident Indians (NRI)
ParinayJodi Services: You can enjoy services of ParinayJodi till you want unless we terminate your membership.

There are four membership categories: Silver, Gold, Semi Gold, and Diamond for a period of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months respectively.
*There is absolutely no refund.

Expiry of Membership -
Once your membership expires, you will not be able to access your personalized messages sent, and mobile numbers viewed by you. We request you to save all your contacts and also upgrade your membership to access these features without issues.
ParinayJodi does not provide complete guarantee to the claims made by its members regarding particulars such as status, age, income. You are requested to make the needful enquiries before proceeding with any matrimonial alliance.
You shall receive advance notifications and emails to remind you about any payment issues. Also, your memberships will be renewed automatically on the receipt of payment. You reserve the right to continue or withdraw membership from ParinayJodi.


At ParinayJodi we take the verification process very seriously. We do a background check to ensure that the information we have about you is correct and that users showing an interest in your profile and profiles you are interested in are genuine. We recommend that you please take the verification process very seriously and comply with the policies of ParinayJodi for an enhanced experience. Our counter checks are kept confidential and no information is shared or leaked. Discrepancies or fallacies in the information (if any) you have provided will be communicated to you directly.

Please Note: is an online matrimonial platform providing the best match making services to thousands of people across the globe. The information we collect is safe in our hands. We help deliver a secure online matrimonial alliance seeking experience. By registering with, you are in agreement with the site policies, terms and conditions. Also, you agree to give your consent to provide ParinayJodi with information that is true and abides by the law. The moment you stop using our services, we will not be liable to give you our services and vice versa.
Please note that policies of our company may change from time to time in keeping with the changing governmental rules, trends, marketing strategies or feedback/comments received from our users. If you have any queries concerning our Privacy Policy, please write to us and we will get back to you ASAP.